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The reason you will be waiting for the storm to calm down

We are going through a tough period. One that even the elder do not recall to have lived so far in their lives and hopefully for all of us we will not face again during our lifetime. The corona virus COVID-19 and the disease spread has changed our daily routines, has drastically influenced our day and for some people is a reason to be sad and depressed as they lost their beloved.

Afternoons in Pythagorio port

Whatever happens though to our life, whatever we face, good or bad, easy or hard, we are always looking forward. This is the human nature, this is how we work, how we function and this is what we will do once again. It will be like when leaving behind an injury or something bad. There will be a following day, a period of blossom and a new era of happiness and joy.

Enjoying the view, the blue, the villages and talking with locals, listening to their stories and way of life. View to the Aegean Sea from the picturesque Ambelos village.

Those of us who love Samos, who love our island and who love getting there again and again, as soon as summer comes or as soon as we have the opportunity to be there once again, Samos is the reason or at least one of the reasons we are waiting for this “storm” to calm down. The reason we will wait to prepare, to book tickets and accomodation and the reason to wear our best smile and start counting days until the arrival to Samos.

Be strong, make your plans, browse through mySamos e-book pages, follow all the Samos and mySamos hashtags in Instagram and cheer up, for a reason. The reason to visit Samos!

Explore rivers, chapels, nature, mountains, the green and discover the beauty, the freshness, the heart of Samos island. A good reason to wait and plan for.




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