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Tsamadou vs Lemonakia

There is a place where you can stop and gaze both beaches from one single corner. This is Tsamadou beach bar, right between the two famous beaches.

Lemonakia beach and Andreas Place from Tsamadou beach bar

Stop with your car or motor bike at the beach bar which is for your surprise way up from the coast, among the pine trees and choose which way to go. On your left hand you can view Tsamadou beach and Navagos beach bar, one of the most famous and renowned places of the island and on your right hand you can see Lemonakia beach and Andreas place, the famous fish tavern.

Tsamadou beach and Navagos Beach bar from Tsamadou beach bar

Both beaches are awesome, the trees are right above them and the water is crystal clear, so attractive to dive. All services are offered here and both beaches are just a 5′ drive to Kokkari. You can even walk from Kokkari to both Lemonakia and Tsamadou. Sunbathe, take photos, enjoy a snack and a drink, swim, read a book and relax, eat lunch and spend the day here because it is worth doing so.

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