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COVID-19 Travel Regulations for Greece

Yes, March is here, summer is so close for all of us! And as we are trying to figure out how we are going to travel to our beloved island – Samos – our guide has collected some useful resources.

2021 will be a safer year to travel, as the vaccinations that will protect everyone from the COVID-19, is the weapon we all were waiting for. Besides that, the health systems’ experience and the medications used together with the availability of tests, create the safety net we need to feel more free to leave our homes and countries and explore the world and visit our favorite destinations.

For your upcoming visits to Greece, we present some useful information* that are critical before you get on the plane or car to travel.

The Greek General Secretariat for Civil Protection (Politiki Prostasia) online website has published the Protocol for Arrivals in and Departures from Greece and a thourough analyis for travellers and visitors:


The European Union, at its website has also published the European Commission’s common European response to the coronavirus outbreak. The map shows the situation in Greece compared to other EU countries.


Finally, at the IATA website, you can get additional insights about travel regulations and the restrictions for each country around the world.


This summer we hope we will be able to take a safe visit to Samos and take all the safety measures to enjoy our vacations.

*The entry requirements and safety measures in Greece are changing according to the situation of the pandemic spread. We cannot advise you to travel to Samos based on the information presented above as these will change. However, we chose IATA, EU and Greek Government resources that update the official Greek decisions made on travel regulations, as the most reliable for you to decide when and how to travel to Samos. In any case, ask for advise from your local tour agent, the hotel you are staying and/or the local tourism authorities before traveling.

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