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Posted On 31 Dec 2015
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From the main street Pythagorion to Karlovasi, after climbing over the mountain, on a route with a marvelous view over the Hora valley (or Tigani), we discover Koumaradaei village. This village acquired its name from the countless bearberry bushes that grow in the region (koumaro= bearberry). Besides the growing olive trees, villagers also work as potters and beekeepers, and this is why you will find many shops selling clay artifacts. From here, you can also head to the Megali Panagia monastery, which constitutes a significant pilgrimage of Samos.

Continuing on the same route, you will discover open-air kiosks selling honey and local herbs (such as mint, tea, oregano, thyme etc.) Pyrgos, the beautiful village we meet on the main road, is one of the most remarkable villages of Samos. At 400m of altitude, it spreads over two hills. Its main paved alley, starting from Agios Georgios church (1904), is full of little shops, and it takes you to every neighborhood. Discover its cafés, its taverns, and the old Primary School, and let yourself free in the magic of its alleys.

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