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Salterns & Lagoons

Posted On 11 Jan 2016
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Salterns & Lagoons in Samos

The water-reserves of Aliki on the beach of Mikali, the Glyfades lakes at the airport and the marsh in Hora constitute significant breeding and immigrating stations for the birds that are situated or spend the spring in Samos, on their course from Africa to the hot summer Europe. In Aliki more than 120 species of birds have been spotted, amongst which herns (white, raloid, metaxoid), flamingos (pink and black), silver-pelicans, swans, sparrow hawks, wild-ducks, brown-ducks, tufted ducks, glossy ibises, wild-fowls and wild-geese, white storks, woodcocks, seagulls and swallows. Besides, apart from the local birds, mammals (rabbits, jackals) and amphibians also live here, such as turtles, chameleons, eels etc. Respective populations of birds make their appearance in Glyfades, with the subsaline waters, where there are also fishes.

As for the lovers of birdwatching there are no specific infrastructures of observation posts, but the scenery will reward you, while your equipment is necessary for your observations. The aforementioned areas are ideal during April and May. Moreover, in the island, in Aliki, as well as in the highest places of the mountains one can admire the hawks (ntougania in the local dialect), the eagles (imperial, king eagle, osprey), as well as the eagle-hawk, which have been spotted in the island.

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