Time in Samos, Greece:

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Terms & conditions

  1. Once you buy something or use a service from the advertised hotels, shops, car rental companies, beach bars, restaurants and taverns or other businesses presented in mySamos® island guide 2017, you will be granted to get the secret code from the business owner or employee in charge.
  2. By visiting our website www.mysamos.gr/summergame, enter the secret code in the form provided, noting your valid email address, name and country.
  3. By the end of each of the following months [July, August and September] one lucky -randomly selected – visitor of Samos will be notified as winner.
  4. The three lucky winners will get gift boxes with Samos Wine, Herbs, Honey and other goods, delivered* to their address across Europe, America and Australia.
  5. At the end of September, there will be also one big winner (from the summer season – 20th of June till the 20th of October) who will win a bigger package, with Samos products and a special edition of mySamos guide).

*Your exact mailing address will be provided to us when we notify you that you are winning the gift box.

Good luck and have fun!!!

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