Time in Samos, Greece:
The rich soil, the Meditarranean air, the hard work and the local experience bring to us the tastefull Samian products


The tastefull products of the island

Your love for the Greek cuisine will grow even more when you visit Samos. Blending the typical Greek dishes with those of the Aegean islands, adding some flavors from the Minor Asia and the best ingredients of Samos, the Samian cuisine offers a rich and tasteful trip for everyone.  The protagonist is the olive oil and almost everything is always accompanied by the excellent wine from Samos.

The Orthodox faith and the local traditions highly affect the menu while the seasonality determines the availability of the ingredients used.

Water in Samos is safe both in the cities and in the villages but to feel 100% safe, ask whether you have to prefer it or if it’s preferable to consume bottled water.

Samos Cuisine

The Samian cookings are not the typical you would expect from an island. Combining eastern elements from the Minor Asia, Izmir, from all the people who came as immigrants

the Aegean islands

the trade routes that brought varieties of seeds and styles

create a unique and interesting collection of cookings.

All accompanied with the olive oil and the Samian wine.

Your love for Greek cuisine will grow after your first visit in Greece. You have probably enjoyed it in many countries outside of Greece but here you will have the chance to taste all the popular Greek dishes but also many others you will discover.

Greek cuisine is the typical representative of the Mediterranean diet, full of taste, nutritious value, combining a great variety of ingredients, including herbs, grains, vegetables, fruit, meat, seafood and olive oil.


Wine is the product we are proud of here in Samos.


Olive oil is a basic ingredient of the Greek and Samian cooking. Found almost in every dish, extra virgin olive oil is the must for the horiatiki (Greek salad). And in Greece we don’t count the drops of olive oil used… we pour it everywhere with no φειδώ!_______

While butter in mostly used in mainland and mountainous parts of the country, in coastal Greece and on the islands (both in the Aegean and Ionian Sea), olive oil is the protagonist.


Say Cheese! A great variety of cheese is produced in Greece and cheese is an integral part of every Greek meal. Feta, graviera, kefalograviera, kasseri, katiki, metsovone, manouri, anthotyro, goat cheese, kefalotyri and the list goes on. In every part of Greece local traditional types of cheese are produced. So in Samos, you can find many types such as feta, goat cheese and graviera. Especially in villages cheese is produced from locals shepherds or at homes and it is often served in restaurants and taverns. Don’t miss them!


herbs and spices used to flavor Greek dishes include oregano, mint, thyme, and fennel.

The Local Products


the local

the local

e historical Samians are many and the list is extended. Here you will get to know the most famous Samians who are well known; some of the internationaly, such as Pythagoras, Epicure and Aristarchus.


Everywhere you go on the island, tavernas, restaurants, small bistros and even cafeterias offer a variety of local dishes.

The perfect combination of nature and culture meets on the local cookings. Distinctive recipies, Mediterranean character, rich flavors all shaping a gastronomic trip to discover and fall in love with. The good news is that you have so many choices and all those delicacies to fulfill your appetite.

Trust mySamos presentations, follow the international reviews, listen to your hoteliers recommendations and begin to experience how Samos; cuisine tastes like.

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