Time in Samos, Greece:

SUMMER GAME 2017 . Enjoy your holidays and win a gift box. Ask now for
the secret code! Available at all the advertised shops, restaurants
and hotel in mySamos island guide 2017!

    in 3 easy steps!
    1.       Find the secret code at the advertised shops, restaurants,
    etc in mySamos guide

    2.       Enter the code in the form of this page

    3.       Win a gift box with Samos products!

    All the shops, hotels, car rental companies or beach bars that are
    presented in mySamos island guide 2017 give you the chance to win a
    gift box from Samos!
    It’s like a game. Every time you visit a shop to buy something, a
    restaurant to have dinner, a car rental company torent a bike or a
    car, a hotel to stay, a café to take refreshments or just acoffee, a
    beach bar to have fun…

    Don’t forget to ask for the secret code of
    mySamos SUMMER GAME! Once you get the code, you enter it at

    Just use one code for every shop, so each
    code is entered once by you in the form but if you count the shops,
    hotels, restaurants, taverns, etc. you can easily get many codes and
    increase the chances to win!

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