Time in Samos, Greece:

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Moving around Mountain Bournias, either from Pyrgos or from Pagondas, we arrive at the village called Spatharaei, at an altitude of about 600m. The view to the southern Aegean Sea leaves you speechless and this is the place from where you can see Samipoula islet from above.

The dense building of houses, combined with the inclination of the ground, will make you stroll in its narrow alleys, chat with the locals and marvel on the unique view to Patmos and to Dodecanese’s islands. The church of Taxiarches Michael was built on top of an earlier temple, in a position where a Byzantine temple existed before, and is worth visiting. Another interesting building is that of the Primary School, built in 1931, which is used for multiple cultural activities to this day.


If we descend the dirt roads that begin here, we can reach the seaside dorp called Limnionaki, and enjoy the tiny Samiopoula Island and the entire coastal region, which has remained unspoiled by any kind of touristic interference.


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