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Sights of interest in Samos
Ancient ruins, museums, castles and towers, libraries and places of interest to visit



All the ancient ruins mark the wealth of the civilization that once was developed here. Samos has a rich history to tell and a rich heritage to be proud of. Exlore all the ancient monuments, discover its castles and towers from the middle ages and visit the museums and the institutions that keep this history alive and vivid.

The ancient sites of Samos

World important sites such as the Efpalinio Tunnel, the biggest temple ever built for the goddess Hera, the resort Cleopatra and Antonios visited… so many to see, so many stories for what happened in this land.

The Museums of Samos

The important Museums of Samos host items of great importance. From the Paleontological era to the modern art era, the museums are a top priority to get to know Samos’ inner truth.

Towers and Castles

Starting from the ancient sites, moving to the middle ages and the Byzantine era, ending sometime around the 1800s, Samos has numerous castles and towers, most of them destroyed but still there, presenting the characteristics of past times that were not quiet at all.

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