Time in Samos, Greece:
The Villages of Samos
Picturesque, traditional villages, full of stories and life


Listing all the villages of Samos in a unique way so it will be easy for you to discover and visit them. Mainly according to their geographical position but also related to the closest town. For example, Drakaei might be a Northern Western village but we note it at the South Western ones as you have to follow the way from Marathokampos to reach it.

The list with all the villages of Samos

All the villages of the island

For your convenience use our mySamos map to find the villages you plan to visit and organize your daily excursions.

Villages on the North East

Closer to the capital, Vathy, the north east villages are Paleokastro, Kokkari, Vourliotes, Manolates, Agios Konstantinos, Ambelos and Stavrinides.

Villages on the North West

Closer to Karlovassi, the north west villages are Lekka, Kastania, Kosmadei, Konteika, Platanos, Agii Theodori, Hydroussa and Kontakeika.

Villages on the South West

Closer to Marathokampos, the south wast villages are Ormos, Koumeika, Neochori & Skouraeika, Drakaei & Kallithea, Pyrgos, Spatharaei, Mesogio and Pandroso.

Villages on the South East

Closer to Pythagorio, the south east villages are Ireon, Myli, Koumaradaei, Pagondas, Mavrantzaei, Mytilinii and Chora, the old capital.

The small Villages

Besides the well known villages, there are some smaller ones that might not be full of life nowadays but their history and their cute character puts them in a special side of our heart. Visit Agia Kyriaki, Agii Theodori, Vlamari, Sourides, Sakouleika, and the unihabited ones, Sevasteika, Paleochori, Nikoloudes and Tsourlaei.

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