Time in Samos, Greece:


Pyrgos, the beautiful village we meet on the southern main road from Pythagorio to Marathokampos, is one of the most remarkable villages of Samos.

At 400m of altitude, it spreads over two hills. Its main paved alley, starting from Agios Georgios church (1904), is full of little shops, and it takes you to all the neighborhoods. Discover its cafés, its taverns, and the old Primary School building.

Today almost 500 people live here while in the past this number reached a little less than 2000 people! At that times it was known for the production of lumber and olive oil. Today, well known for the honey production which is considered having the highest quality on the island, Pyrgos is also known for the good olive oil it produces.

Meet the bee-keepers and the beneficial effects of honey and take home products of excellent quality.

From Pyrgos you can either go to Pandroso and Mesogio villages, drive east to Koumaradei or west to Marathokampos. There is also another road that takes you to Spatharei village and to the southest part of Samos where you can view Samiopoula islet, the amazing landscape of the gulf of Marathokampos, the majestic size of Kerkis mountain and all the islands at the south of Samos, Arkii, Lipsi, Agathonisi, Fourni and of course Patmos.

Close to Pyrgos is the area called Koutsi, known for the water sources and the big platan trees.


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