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Posted On 11 Jan 2016
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Wildlife – Samos; our Nature is our identity

The primary kinds of flora are a kind of pine, pinus brutia, as well as cypresses. These trees occasionally reach the height of 25meters. Moreover, further up the mountains and hills, grow chestnut trees, aspens, walnut trees and black pines, while in the plains a great variety of citrus fruits is cultivated. Olive trees and vines abound in farmable areas, which are largely comprised of terraces that are constructed since antiquity. Furthermore, there are platan trees, various groundling plants such as myrtle, many locust trees, apple, cherry, fig and pear trees, cedars, and a great array of bushes. Generally speaking, these types of flora have many similarities with those at the coastal areas of Asia Minor.

The fauna is just as rich, with mammals (local monikers are quoted respectively) such as wild boars, jackals, hares, reptiles such as a species dubbed kourkoudiali, chameleons, snakes (astritis- a name for the young viper), turtles, birds such as various species of owl, hawks, carrions. Moreover, there exist various sea animals, like monachus-monachus seals, dolphins between Samos, Ikaria and Fournoi, as well as a great number of insects and bugs.

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