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Waterfalls & Caves

Posted On 11 Jan 2016
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The famous waterfalls in the River of Karlovassi constitute a main destination for the visitors of the island for many years. By starting from an easy route, which crosses Metamorfosi in the River (where there is a sign), we walk in parallel with the river and we reach the small waterfall. We keep on walking, we climb and swim a bit, before we reach the big waterfall. Apart from the beautiful sight, we also enjoy a swim in the small lakes, that are formed in front of each waterfall.

Caves and speleology

The “Efpalinos” Speleology Association of Samos has made a significant inventory of the caves and has promoted this rare and less known beauty of the island. We will nominally present to you the caves you can visit, as well as the rest, for which the Association will advise you. Besides, you can find all the information you need on its rich website (www.samos-caves.com).


Holy Monastery of Panagia Spiliani: It is located in Pythagorio. It is a cave – rifle-pit with very few stalactites. Is it said that it constituted a worshiping area since ancient times, whereas it may have been the oracle of Sibbyla Fito in the 6th century B.C.

Vrisouli: Near the Panagia Spiliani cave, also a cave – rifle-pit with beautiful stalagmite décor and spectacular formations.

Pythagoras’ Cave: it is located in the foothill of Kerki, in a spot with magnificent view. It has a wide hall of a diameter of approximately five meters and then smaller halls. This is where Pythagoras fled when hunted by Polykrates. You can visit it and you will find it easily by following the relevant signs.

Sarantadaskaliotissa Cave: very close to the Cave of Pythagoras. In the entrance of the cave there is a small church of Panagia of the 11th century with post-Byzantine frescos. It was built by Saint Paul the Latrian. Afterwards, there are dangerous pits and halls with a variety of decors.

Agios Antonios: It is located above Old Karlovassi, at an altitude of 145 meters.
On the right of the entrance there is the church of the Saint, whereas on the left there is a pit and halls with stalagmite decors. Human presence can be traced from the Byzantine times.

Askitaria in Kalampaktasia: in the wider area above the villages Kallithea and Drakeou, there are small caves, where many hermits-ascetics resided during the Byzantine times. Some of them have speleology interest (Panagia Makrini, Agia Triada, Kantili).

Kakoperato: Small cave in the homonymous Holy Monastery.


As regards the following, you must receive advise from the Association, for your own safety, since there are no infrastructures for visitors.

Ancient Quarry of Mitilinii: near the homonymous village, at a place with a nice view, this ancient quarry offered materials for the construction of the Temple of Hera. The entrances are many, but the central one is wonderful, with big hewn columns, which support the area, whereas the halls are many.

Siderenia Porta (The Iron Gate): it is located in the foothill of Kerkis, on the same road that leads to the cave of Pythagoras. It has a rich stalagmite décor and halls with a variety of morphology and size.

Nerotrouvia: close to the village of Mili. It has a pit-like entrance and then three halls with beautiful decors.

Hole of Tzetze or Kasoli: cave not open for visitors in the Kosmadei, which is under study because human bones were found there, most likely of an archaeological interest.

Spileovarathro Xafakia: in the area Posidonio with different halls and a variety of decors.

Tsakalotripa (Jackal’s hole): near Panagia Spiliani. Very beautiful cave with multi-colored formations.

Xeropigado (Dry Well): on a hill of 280 meters near Mitilinii. It is considered to be an air vent of a quarry or an emergency exit, whereas in the same area ceramic shards have been found, suggesting the existence of an ancient settlement.

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