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Walking Routes & Hiking

Posted On 04 Jan 2016
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Samos is famous for its numerous hiking routes. From April until late October you will meet many hikers “scouring” the slopes and the peaks with light equipment, a lot of courage and pleasure for the beauties they are coming across with.

In order for one to hike in the mountainous Samos, one needs experience, as well as stamina, especially during the summer, due to the heat.

In order for one to start a route, the following are necessary:

    • Good equipment (clothes, shoes, climbing staff)
    • Resources (water, food, pharmacy)
    • Information (map of hiking guide, advice from locals or connoisseurs of the routes)
    • Scheduling (knowledge of distances, altitude differences, morphology of route and available time)

while one must not forget that Samos is sensitive, but also wild… As for the protection of the clean forestal areas and the gulches, do not leave any garbage. As for the protection of the luxuriant vegetation, especially during the dry period of summer, you should avoid lighting a cigarette or other fires. As for your own safety, you should be aware of the fact that Samos, due to its luxuriant vegetation and the great variety of fauna, it hides dangers, such as snakes, bugs, scorpions and other insects. Normally, they will not bother you, unless you distract them – besides, we are passing by the places they live. Lastly, you should carry a mobile phone and you should inform somebody on the place you will be (hotel, friends, etc.) and you should be aware of the emergency telephone numbers for any assistance.


  • Immediate Help Centre (ΕΚΑΒ) of Samos 166
  • General Hospital of Samos        +30 22730-83100
  • Health Centre of Karlovasi +30 22730-52000, 32222
  • Hellenic Police – Flying Squad 100
  • Tourist Police +30 22730-87344, 81100
  • Fire Department 199 & +30 22730-23062, 23063

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