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Vrontiani Monastery

Posted On 12 Jan 2016
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The Holy Stavropigiaki Monastery of Panagia Vrontiani, which is located above the village Vourliotes, was built in 1566 over the ruins of an older monastery, by the monks Jacob and Makarios. It celebrates on the Birth of the Holy Mother (8th September). The name Vrontiani (Rambling) derives from the oral testimonies, according to which during the celebration of the monastery, the first rains fall and the thunders rumble loudly in the area. From an architectural point of view, the Catholic of the Monastery belongs to the type of the one-winged basilica with cupola, while the other building complex, which surrounds it, is square with 2-floor and 3-floor cells and arched apses and yahats (roofed balconies) towards the yard. At the entrance of the monastery there is a stone-carved decorated belfry from 1812. The wooden-carved chancel of the Catholic is decorated with representations from the Holy Bible, while its portable icons are works of the 18th and 19th centuries. Out of the once wonderful frescos, very few are preserved today inside the Holy Podium and in two of the arcs of the cupola. Moreover, there is also a chapel of a Byzantine order in honor of the Metamorfosi Sotiros on the southeast wing of the first floor of the building. A part of the wings of the monastery had burnt during the great fire on the island in 2000, which is being restored.



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