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Votsalakia & Ormos

Posted On 22 Dec 2015
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Descending from Marathokampos village, we arrive at Ormos (=cove) of Marathokampos, the village’s port. Formerly a harbor to the entire island, called Gialos, today it serves as a docking place for fishing boats and many sorts of vessels. It maintains the atmosphere of a typical fishing village, with many taverns around the port, and lots of rooms to let. There is also a pebbled beach at the east of the dorp, which is serene and solitary. In this region, where nowadays the cultivation of olive is the predominant occupation, there once was a great production and export of onions. Moving further to the west, we get to Kampos of Marathokampos and Votsalakia territory. This is where a vast pebbled beach with crystal clear waters begins. The sun is very hot here in the summer, and the full moon nights are enchanting. Throughout the beach there are restaurants, rooms to let, tourist agencies and quiet bars. The beach is so vast that you can chose to be crowded, or almost on your own!

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