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SPILIANI in Pythagorio

Posted On 12 Jan 2016
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The Holy Monastery of Panagia Spiliani is located above the city of Pythagorio, at the entrance of the cave. This is where the miraculous icon of Panagia Spiliani or Kaloarmenissa is saved. The area of the cave is considered as sacred from the ancient times, whereas during the Byzantine period it hosted ascetics and in 1943 it was a hideout for the protection from the bombardments of the forces of the Axis. When entering the area of the monastery, one can find a yard with a small two-winged church, where the left wing is dedicated to Isodia of Theotokos, and the right wing is dedicated to Agios Grand-Martyr George. By walking towards the cave, we go down a few steps and we reach the small old church, on the left of which we will see the tank with the Holy Water. The miraculous clay icon of Panagia (Holy Mother) is located there inside the wall, but its colors are not preserved, due to moisture. According to folk tradition, the crack of the icon was caused when it broke, when some people wanted to take it from the island, and it fell to the sea, it broke and it reached the shore, where the believers found it and returned it to its original place.

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