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Posted On 05 Jan 2016
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Samiopoula – don’t miss a trip to the small islet

The islet called Samiopoula, and the southern end of Samos, 925m away from its coasts, it’s a 825 strech of land with 2,5 km of coastline. Excursionists of the 16th and 17th century report it and included it in the maps, but there are no conclusive accounts of it from earlier periods. Despite its size, it has got two verdant hills, overgrown with pine trees, cypresses, olive trees and carob trees, along with a great variety of bushes. It is also a home to many goats and kindling that graze carefree. To get there, you definitely need a boat. Every day, from the port of Pythagorion, during the summer season, small boats will take you to Samiopoula in the morning (the bay where you dock is called Katsaka) and take you backing the evening. The exotic beach (Psalida) with its thin sand and the clear blue-green wters will enchant you, but it is also worth taking a small walk to the two small chapels, Agia Pelagia (1789, 1913) and Analipsis. The rest buildings on the island are a small house that belongs to the only family that dwells on the island, and a tavern, which is usually open in the summertime. It would be advisable to take some provisions with you, during your visit.

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