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Posted On 11 Ιαν 2016
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Concern should drive us into action and not into a depression. No man is free who cannot control himself.

Born in Samos circa 580bC and the founder of mathematics Pythagoras was also a great geometrician, astronomer, and philosopher. He also had a unique theoretical approach to music, which he combined with numbers. He created an integral system of studying celestial bodies, with mathematical and geometrical evidence. His most famous accomplishment is the “Pythagorean theorem”, his geometrical axiom about the right triangle, according to which the square of the hypotenuse side equals the sum of the addition of the square of the two vertical sides. In his theories, philosophical and religious goals have unbreakable bonds and walk side by side. What is more, everything is based on numbers, measure and harmony. From a very early age he was well-respected within the Samian society, since his parents (Mnisarchus and Pythais) were considered descendants of Angaeos. He was so handsome and such a good speech maker, that he used to captivate his audience. He was educated by Thales from Milissos (in Mathematics and Geometry) , Anaximander, Ferekides from Lesvos, and the Samian philosopher Ermodamas. He was married to Theano and had a son and two daughters. He created a School in which he trained lots of young people. Due to political contrast with Polycratis, he was banished, took refuge in the homonymous cave and abandoned the island. He traveled and lived in Egypt, Babylon, Delos, at the Oracle of Delphi and finally in South Italy and Sicily, where he founded his renowned School and many of its branches. He died a very elderly man, in Metapontum of South Italy (at about 490bC).

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