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Profitis Ilias

Posted On 12 Jan 2016
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The Holy Monastery, which is dedicated to Profitis Ilias (Prophet Elias) on the road from Karlovassi to Konteika, was established by the monks Theophilos and Gregory of the New Monastery of Chios, to which the church that existed there was donated. After that, a typical monastery complex with cells was built on the perimeter. The Catholic (1739), which substituted the old one, is one-winged basilica with cupola. Works of fine art are also the wooden-carved chancel, the frescos that have been revealed and the marble floor with the fine vivid omphalic in the centre. The monastery celebrates on July 20th. On the surroundings we can find the chapels of the Ipsosi o Timios Stavros (Elevation of the Holy Cross) (September 14th), of Agios Stefanos (December 27th), of Agion Panton (cemetery church) and of Evangelismos of Theotokos (March 25th).



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