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Posted On 31 Dec 2015
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Platanos is one of the islands’ destinations you really shouldn’t miss. It lies at 550m altitude, and it is one of the oldest villages (early 1600). Well-celebrated and sung for, due to its water, with a breathtaking view of the Aegean Islands, it is a major attraction both for tourists and for the locals, particularly during the celebration of August 15th, and the feast that take place here. On summer nights it is worth admiring the full moon light showering the waters of Marathokampos beach. The water source with its clear and crystal cold water in the village square, shrouded in planes, will give you the strength for a stroll in its narrow streets.

The post-Byzantine temple (17th century) dedicated to Madonna and the one of Agios Georgios, are the two parish churches of the island. Laundry houses and the exquisite architecture of the school, the cafés, the bakery and the small shops around the square, will make you linger just a little bit more.

Leaving Platanos, you get to the crossroads which may take you east, to Pyrgos, Pythagorion and Marathokampos, or back to Karlovasi, in which case to visit two more dorps, Sourides and Sakkouleika, making a small detour from the main road.

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