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Posted On 31 Dec 2015
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Mytilinii is a central village that seems to have been alive for many centuries, due to the Cyclopean Walls found in the area. Its name was given during the colonization by people from Lesvos (or Mytilene) during the Turkish occupation. It is also legendary well-known because of the great production of tobacco. The main visitor attraction to this village is the Paleontological Museum, which sports important and extremely rare findings of fossilized animals.  Built between hills, next to the ancient river Hesius, this village preserves an intensely picturesque atmosphere, while you will find lots of shops and places you can enjoy a cup of coffee when you take break of wandering around its hospitable alleys.

Some walking and trekking routes start from here to Mountain Ampelos  (or Karvounis) and from there to Vourliotes.

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