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Posted On 23 Dec 2015
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The fantastic scenery full of age-long platan trees and bountiful waters will leave you speechless. Make a short stop, take a walk, admire the splendor of Nature with all your respect, and then proceed to Manolates village.

Manolates has been changing form, over the past few years, turning into a real tourist attraction. The little shops selling handmade works of art, paintings, jewels, sculptures and ceramics are definitely worth our attention, as we wander in the picturesque village. Taking a stop at the roofed public water tap and ascending at the highest point of the village, will certainly whet your appetite for a dainty, escorted by fine Samian wine, at the lovable little square.

From here, we can also head to Vourliotes, or to the mountain, on a route amongst countless vineyards, and apple, pear and walnut trees.

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