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Konteika & Ag. Theodori

Posted On 31 Dec 2015
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From the center of Neo Karlovasi, you will need approximately 6 km way to Konteika village. At 300m above sea level, Konteika is situated at a hillside, between hills, so it is invisible from the sea. At about 1750 a shepherd named Kontos settles here, and this is where the village got its name. The village square is ideal for a coffee at noon and all sorts of dainties on summer nights. In August local Unions organize wine festivities, which turn into quite a feast. The Church of the Genethlia tis Theotokou (Birthday of Madonna), which celebrates on 8th of September, the Primary School and the newly renovated gristmill we can visit at the upper side of the square, are the feathers in the village’s cap. The main occupation of the villagers is the cultivation of olive trees and vines, whereas in the past we also had the growing of tobacco.

At Koukmos hill we discover the chapel of Agios Therapontas, and from this point, the view over the village, the valley of Fourni stream, Karlovasi and Mountain Carvounes is overwhelming. From Konteika you can descend to the glen or even follow one of the most classical walking routes, to Ydroussa village.

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