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Posted On 22 Dec 2015
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Built between small hills and the lowland where it lies today, used to be a tiny fishing dorp, which started to develop in the 19th century. Nowadays, having preserved its traditional form to the full, it is one of the most notable destinations, both for Greek, and foreign tourists. Its imposing beaches, printed on millions of postcards, its picturesque alleys with flower beds full of blossoms and the hospitable villagers make it one the prettiest villages of the entire island. At the same time, tourist facilities with politeness and discreetness abound in the beach and the harbor, offering a unique experience. Visit the parish temple of Agios Nicolaos and the Agios Panteleimon chapel. In Kokkari you can find all sorts of restaurants, bars and shops. Furthermore, there are numerous rooms to let within the village, while in the surrounding area there are lots of hotels most of which overlooking the village and mostly the sea. The neighboring beaches are also an attraction of the island, while on the way to Karlovasi there is an organized wind-surfing facility, in an area famous to all lovers of water sports throughout the world. Moreover, here is where most hikes begin, leading mostly to Mytilinii, Vourliotes, and the peak of Carvounis mountain. In addition to this, you can also find mountain bikes for rent here (more info in local shops). Nightlife revolves mainly around bars, ending with romantic strolls down the harbor.

Heading from Kokkari to Karlovasi, you go by the exquisite beaches Lemonakia, Tsamadou and Tsambou, ideal when the weather is not windy.

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