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Kallithea & Drakei

Posted On 31 Dec 2015
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Once known as Prinias, Callithea is a quiet village built on a hillside, at the roots of Mt Kerkes, with a northwestern direction, and view over Ikaria and Chios. The secret of this village is the majestic sunsets the visitor can enjoy. From here we can also follow the coastal road to Agios Isidoros cove about five kilometers away, a famous shipbuilding yard, with a very long history, which is still operating to this day. All around there are little beaches (e.g. Varsamo), and the area is ideal for fishing lovers.

A dirt road also takes you to places where ascets lived. Many hermits dwelled here in the past, and constructed numerous chapels inside caves, and their remnants exist until today.

Proceeding on the main road, we reach the end of the line, in Drakaei village. In earlier times, the main occupation of the residents used to be stock farming and olive tree cultivation, because the land here is rather crude and barren. In this dorp you will marvel on the church of St George, with Byzantine murals dating in the 13th century, and enjoy your coffee at the single café of the area, which is always open.

Tarsanas (shipbuilding yard) of Agios Isidoros

The boat-yard in Agios Isidoros is one of the oldest shipbuilding facilities of the island and in the beginning of the previous century, many independent units used to operate here. The ease of provision of lumber from nearby wooded hillsides gave this small cove village an advantage in producing yawls, fishing boats, and transportation vessels, in great numbers. The few shipyard workers that remain carry history within them, and preserve it by working their miracles on a wooden canvas.

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