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Hydroussa & Kontakaiika

Posted On 31 Dec 2015
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Leaving Karlovasi to the east we cross the Fourni stream bridge and either continue to reach Kontakeika village, on our way to Kokkari, or turn left to the village Ydroussa. The route is a continuous interchange of vineyards, gardens and glens with planes. The village was once called “Fourni” (meaning ovens), owing to the numerous ovens (furnaces) that were used for pottery (ceramics).

An important church is that of Agios Athanasios and Cyrillus, (1782) with wonderful murals. The small traditional cafes of the square and the sports field are worth taking a stroll, for a rest and a wonderful view to Kontaeika and Platanos village and to Mountain Carvounes (or Ampelos).

Just 3 km from Karlovasi, we reach Agios Demetrios Church (a more modern building constructed on top of a 1605 temple). On our right lies the lovely Kontakeika village. In Kontakeika we marvel on the Kimisis Tis Theotokou and Agios Georgios church in the area called Vlachates. Leaving the village, we can descend to the Karlovasi suburb which is also the Kontakeika village little port, Agios Nicolaos, or “Limanaki”, as locals call it. Many luxurious country houses have been built in this area over the past few years. At the end of the road there is a small beach, the Agios Nicolaos chapel and one of the most famous taverns on the island with fresh fish and savory delicacies.

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