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Honey & Herbs

Posted On 12 Ιαν 2016
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The unique biodiversity of the island along with the sea that surrounds it gives generously excellent food for bees to produce the honey of Samos. Herbs, shrubs and trees, some of them rare in the Aegean impart specific characteristics to this pure product. Pine, chestnut, cherry, rosemary, strawberry, mint, thyme, sage, oregano, mountain tea are just some of them. Unrefined, rich in vitamins and amino acids, honey is an integral component of the Mediterranean diet.
The honey of Samos is a special part of the island’s tradition as it is used on all feasts and accompanies many dishes to festive celebrations, weddings, christenings and of course in the daily diet. Many traditional sweets and other local products use honey as a base or main ingredient. We can taste and buy high-quality honey from Skaliaris beekeepers family shortly after Pyrgos village on the way to Karlovassi. Many other families in Samos also produce excellent honey with a big variety of tastes.
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