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Holy Cross

Posted On 12 Jan 2016
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The Holy Stavropigiaki Monastery of Timios Stavros, which is located near the village Mavratzei, was established by the monk Nilos the Latrian, who was one of the two “ctetors” of the monastery of Megali Panagia in 1592, when Jeremiah B’ was Patriarch. The grandiose Catholic of the monastery is younger and belongs to the type of the 3-winged basilica with cupola, with an internal narthex and an external narthex, supported by columns. The original Catholic had been built during the beginning of the 17th century, whereas it took its today’s form in 1838. The wooden-carved chancel, which is unique and of exceptional craftsmanship, has representations from the Old and the New Testament and was made by artists from Chios in 1854. Moreover, the wooden-carved pulpit (1873) and the despotic throne (1844) are exceptional. Small parts of frescos, which have been revealed, suggest the existence of decoration with frescos from 1848, by the hagiographer from Samos, Ioannis from Hora. The vestry of the monastery hosts remarkable icons and other relics, such as a shard from the Holy Cross, which was a gift from the Partiarch of Jerusalem, Cyril B’. The building complex, which surrounds the Catholic, followed the pattern of the usual monastery form – four-sized form with 2-floored cells – but a fire during the years of the German occupation destroyed half of the eastern and all of the south wing, which was never restored. The Holy Monastery celebrates on September 14th and the 3rd Sunday of the Fasts, as well as on the Great Wednesday, where the ceremony of the Holy Niptiras takes place. It is a pilgrimage for all the residents of Samos, whereas it used to attract pilgrims from Minor Asia as well.




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