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Posted On 23 Dec 2015
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Heading to the archaeological site in Hereon (or Ireon), we meet the homonymous seaside village, which lies at the banks of River Imvrassos. Right here, in the most sacred part of Samos, according to ancient Greeks, the Goddess Hera was born, inside the roots of an osier, and here is where she married Zeus.

Hereon or Ireon is a modern village, with tourist facilities, many hotels, guest houses, and rooms to let. The coastal road, as well as its parallel inner road, is the commercial center for your shopping needs, and for restaurants, taverns, cafeterias and bars where you can spend your entire day. What is more, the beaches at both sides of the village are well-equipped, to make sure you enjoy your swimming. Don’t miss Papa’s Beach, about a kilometer away (west).

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