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Folkloric Museum

Posted On 12 Ιαν 2016
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The Folkloric Museum of the N. Dimitriou Foundation at the hotel DORYSSA BAY (+30 22730-62286, 62287) constitutes a sample of fine presentation of the traditional Samos, until the years of the second World War. Tools of agricultural work, outfits, hand-made items, everyday use pots, as well as the professions of that time (blacksmith, shepherd etc.), together with their respective tools, are presented in specially formed areas.

As for other Folkloric Museums, you can also find them in the following areas. Such museums are trying, especially through European programs, to exhibit the traditional heritage, which deserves to be preserved for the future generations and the modern visitors of the island. In Karlovassi you will find a rich folkloric museum with many old items (+30 22730-32265). Moreover, in Pagonda, in Mesogia you will find the new folkloric museum, which was inaugurated in Αύγουστο 2009 and in Konteika the traditional flour-mill at the centre of the village.

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