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Climbing & Caves

Posted On 04 Jan 2016
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For the lovers of mountaineering, the Hellenic Hiking Mountaineering Association of Samos has marked many climbing fields, as well as the charting of some paths. For more information refer to the HHMAS and note the places of the approved climbing fields:

  • Karlovasi River 14 routes
  • Tsampos Beach 8 routes
  • Zoodochos Pigi 12 routes
  • Dexameni 10 routes
  • Mourtia 1 route
  • Efpalinio Origma 16 routes
  • Drakei

+30 22730-27293, +30 22730-25433,28625 &

The “Efpalinos” Speleology Association of Samos has made a significant inventory of the caves and has promoted this rare and less known beauty of the island. We will nominally present to you the caves you can visit, as well as the rest, for which the Association will advise you. Besides, you can find all the information you need on its rich website (

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