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Posted On 31 Dec 2015
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Hora (capital), as its name suggests, was the capital of the island from the medieval times, until 1854. It is situated 3kms outside Pythagorion, and is built on a plain named “Kampos” or “Tigani”. Today it is one of the biggest villages of the island, and it maintains a rich architectural heritage, comprised of neo-classical double-decked buildings for the construction of which some of the materials were taken from ancient buildings (such as pillars, chapiters etc.). The wonderful Panagia church with its impressive bell towers, the local community center, the stone public laundry houses, and the Primary School (1930), are all buildings you can marvel on. In Hora there are several rooms to let, which are ideal for people who want to stay in a quiet place which is in a relatively small distance from the sea (Potokaki and Pythagorion beaches are 2-3 kilometers away) and the same time, it has every shop you need, bakeries, cafes, and tavernas.

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