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Captain Lachanas

Posted On 11 Jan 2016
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Captain Konstantis Lachanas was one of the pioneers of the Samian revolt against the Turkish yoke and the most important military leaders of the 1821 revolution.

His real name was Constantine Fokos born in Ano Vathi Samos in 1769. The “Lachans” was nicknamed, but prevailed real surname. Kostantis Lachanas from an early age, like many of Samos, dealt with the sea and became master (from where comes the salutation Captain – Captain. In 1798 he was found in Egypt and ranked voluntarily Greek Legion of Napoleon with the rank of Captain.

When declared the revolution of 1821, Captain Constantine was the first on April 18, 1821 who declared the revolution in Samos raising the banner of revolution (a flag blue tick white in the middle and around the words “Freedom or Death”) in Ano Vathi, hitting the bells and calling all the Samians to fight for the liberation of the homeland.

In July 1821 Lachanas ensured the defense of the eastern coast and the port of Vathi. After fending off the Turks head small body pulled from sunken sea enemy ships 33 cannons, which carried on Samos to strengthen its defense. Then marched with other 300 Samians to Asia Minor where after fighting, looting the Turkish coast thus removing the potential Turkish attack on Samos.

In 1825 a new invasion attempted in Asia Minor.

In 1830, when the London Protocol was signed, it officially recognized the Greek State, Samos was not included therein. During this time the Samians sought union with the free Greece.

The struggle for union with Greece did not have a happy ending and Samos Hegemonic Regime imposed in 1834, falling to the Ottoman Empire. The Hegemony showing the pettiness of sentenced to life in exile the leaders of the uprising: Lykourgos Logothetis, Captain – Stamatis, Constanti Lahana, Archpriest Cyril, poet Kleanthis and 65 others.
Kostantis Lachanas and his family in the summer of 1834 went to the free Greece. Originally from Karlovasi went to Mykonos and from there to Nafplio with a final destination in Halkida, where they were given an area to settle.

The Greek government acknowledges the struggles of Constanti Lahana honored with the rank of Major of Militia (Royal Decree 20/1834) and the CONFERRED the Silver Cross of the Struggle and the Gold Cross of Knight of the Royal Order of the Redeemer.

His son George Lachanas who has the possession of the chariots of his father, his sword and other war relics handed them over to the Greek Government and today are found exhibited at the National War Museum.

(translated from the Greek website of Wikipedia)

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