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Agia Zoni

Posted On 12 Ιαν 2016
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The Holy Stavropigiaki Monastery of Agia Zoni at the plain of Vlamari, was established in 1695 by the monk Meletios with the contribution of the residents of the area. The monastery follows the typical perimeter four-sided structure, consisting of 2-floored cells. The Catholic has the shape of a one-winged arched basilica with copula with arcs on the interior and has a small belfry (1751). On the interior there are many frescos of the 17th century and a fine wooden-carved chancel (1801), which has three old despotic icons of the 19th century. The icon of Agia Zoni is silver-plated with beautiful decorations from 1819. It celebrates on August 31st.



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