Time in Samos, Greece:
The history of “Pen’s Art” workshop dates back to 1986. With love and years of experience in wood-working, Thanassis Kotoras produces wooden pens and pencils.




The history of “Pen’s Art” workshop dates back to 1986. Thanassis Kotoras gets the raw materials and with his love and the years of experience in wood-working, produces wooden pens and pencils.

All products are made from natural olive, plane tree, rose, walnut and white and black ebony and accompanied with stainless steel replacement parts in black or gold color. Materials with earthly authenticity and purity turn into pieces of unique aesthetics.

Woods whose texture and waters create an unexpected look of refined luxury and uniqueness with mechanisms plated in 24K gold, silver, chrome and copper.

Every object produced here is an art work, made in every detail. The wooden designs are different in each pen making their construction unique so your pen from Pensart will be one of kind and if the wood comes from Samos, then we talk about the unique Samian pen!

It is up to you to find the pen that fits your personal style and when back home, it is easy to keep it forever as all pens can receive replacement ink.


In Pythagorion, you can find the PENSART shop and workshop, where pens are produced and sold, together with a variety of other interesting and useful items made of wood.

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Pythagorion, Samos, 83103


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