Time in Samos, Greece:


On the way from Agia Kyriaki to the far western part of Samos, moving on amongst olive groves, under the watchful eye of the imposing Mt Kerkes, we head to the villages Kalambachtasia, as were called in the past, Kallithea & Drakaei.

A few kilometers before them, Palaeohori is on our left, on a small hill, and it is a strong temptation to any visitor, remaining unaltered through the course of time. Picturesque and solitary, it takes us to the past. The view to south Aegean and the marvelous sea will probably lure you to the nearby beaches.

From here we can get to Agios Ioannis Eleimon, a small monastery by the sea, on the verdant bed of a small glen that will certainly fascinate you. Admire the wonderful church, the gardens and the quiet water basin. On the celebration of St John, locals gather with all sorts of delicacies and spend the night here, just as they have been doing for many decades.

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