Time in Samos, Greece:


Two kilometers north of Hereon, is one of the most beautiful villages of the island, dating back to the years when the island was abandoned, while excavation have brought Mycenaean tombs to light, evidence that the area has been inhabited from antiquity.

The ancient river Imvrassos crosses the village, and there is bountiful running water, therefore there are many watermills, and this is how the village got the name Myli (mills). Few of them are saved today, hidden among orange and lemon trees.

Despite it is just a small village, it is very lovely and its beautiful square, its alleys and its stone houses are surely worth visiting. The area is rather special, since we have the cultivation of predominantly citrus fruits, giving this valley their special colors and scents, during the blossoming of orange, tangerine and lemon trees. Once a year, the orange festival takes place at the primary school’s yard, where local producers exhibit and sell their orange-made products, such as marmelades, juices, sweets and many more.

Not far from the village you will find the historical Sarakinis Tower, built back at the 16th century.


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