Tarsanas Tavern

December 16, 2015 7:38 am
  • On the island of Pythagoras the beautiful green island of Samos with the famous .Sweet wine and ordinary hospitable people is the traditional village of Kokkari with long and beautiful beach , the traditional harbor with fishing boats create a unique landscape .

    A harmonious blend of green mountains and the crystal blue sea transport visitors into a small earthly paradise.

    The small family Apartments Unit Tarsanas situated in the village Kokkari 20 meters from the main beach promises to the visitor an enjoyable holiday.

    The apartments Tarsanas consist of 4 two-room apartments and

    4 studios that can accommodate up to 3 persons each of them.

    Each apartment has a large balcony with view, 2 of them at sea and 6 to the mountain.

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