Samaina Hotel

December 11, 2015 3:42 pm
  • “If you like to spend the most precious time of the year, your holidays, in a hotel where people really care about you and your wishes, Samaina Hotel on the Greek island of Samos is the place to be!

    The owner Petros Gleoudis uses his 30 years of experience in hotel management and customer service to let his guests have an unforgettable time in his hotel. This objective, the comfortable rooms, the hotel location in a quiet part of the picturesque village of Pythagorion and not to forget the almost infinite possibilities which the beautiful island of Samos offers to its visitors – this all makes vacationers dreams come true.

    Since guests are coming back to Samaina Hotel Samos year after year you can be sure to choose the ideal address for your holidays in Greece if you get in touch with the Gleoudis family. You will also enjoy their remarkable hospitality, remember it and finally return to Samaina Hotel as so many others do. “

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