June 29, 2018 6:10 am

    The vintage of 2014 is a sweet muscat wine made from grapes harvested from three different vineyards.

    It is a well balanced wine that adds a freshness to the rich aromas of Samos muscat. The grapes dry under the sun, resulting in a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. The wine is left to age for 19 months in french oak barrels, of medium and light «toast», that bring forth the uniqueness of the three different terroirs.

    This exceptional, fresh but aged white muscat has a golden colour, brings sweet floral aromas to the nose and is rich to the mouth, with fruit, vanilla, honey and bergamot tones.


    A unique wine from the indigenous Muscat grape variety. From terraced vineyards with a media age of 30 years, located at various altitudes of 300 to 800 meters.

    This unique combination of richness, acidity and freshness, topped up with a twist of the exotic, makes Roya one of the finest dry muscat wines of Samos.

    This wine is the epitome of the efforts that have been put into the white muscat making.

    It is a blend from specially selected barrels and aged wines coming from different terroirs, that are left to age in french oak barrels. NOPERA oenologists combine different vintages, with regard to their complexity, aiming at the making of this truly exceptional sweet white muscat. Awarded with Decanter Gold Medal.

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