Markou Olive Oil

December 12, 2015 9:12 am
  • “Our company started in 1969 with the establishment of traditional mill, which is gradually passing through various stages of modernization perfected under the Community Development Programme in 2005.

    Family run.

    In November 2006, we launched a new landscaped area in the standardization process extra virgin olive oil, carefully observing all hygiene. The accumulated experience and knowledge and direct contact with the product gives us the advantage to other big business. Integrated management of the harvest the fruit until the selection of high quality oil and eventual standardization.

    Progressively upgrading our operations we aim to absorb, process and standardization of total quality olive oil of our island, and the promotion of new markets in Greece and abroad. The choice of our customers and their confidence in the entire course of 38 years, a commitment to us and a strong incentive to continue our efforts.
    You can visit our premises and enjoy a tour in our family olive oil extraction plant and of course taste our quality products. We export Samos Olive Oil Markou all over Europe and E.U. countries (Germany, Sweden, Belgium, UK, Netherlands, Italy, etc).”

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