Faros restaurant

December 15, 2015 8:18 am
  • “Situated in Pythagorion, the hometown of Pythagoras, overlooking the Aegean Sea, Faros Fish Restaurant, Tavern serves amazing Greek cuisine with diverse typical Samian seafood variety, with a local, national and international exclusive wine list.

    Our chef, who has been in this business for 12 years now and the young waiters, many of them 5 to 8 years inside are able to reassure for an superb and mindful service.

    The two brothers Christos Kalos, Dimitris, our sister Stella, our mother Katerina are running this restaurant all year long, every single day from early in the morning till late at night. Our wonderful father is going daily with his fishing boat “”Nikolaos”” bringing all fresh fish you enjoy!

    For a wonderful lunch or a snack throughout the day, the nice starters like Eggplants, Saganaki, Spinach Pie, Dolmades, Tzatziki or a superb variety mix including one of the delicious salads, are a great option. For your dinner you can choose the fish on your own and afterwards watch it while it is being grilled.

    According to the worldwide executive yacht guide for the best restaurants to visit, Faros is the place to eat in this lovely island.

    Several celebrities have enjoyed a wonderful dinner in this restaurant, but for the high quality and quantity provided, Faros Fish Tavern in Pythagorion, Samos is also the perfect place to visit for the average budget traveler. You can always call us and also order us anything you wish prepared directly from your vessel, before you actually arrive and set your anchorman in the stunning bay outside Pythagorion’s harbour at +30 22730 62464 and tell us you found us on the web; we will have an excellent surprise for you!”

  • Pythagorio, Samos

    Samos Tel.: 30 22730 62464

    Facebook : Faros

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