Eptastadio/ Επταστάδιο

July 14, 2016 12:24 pm
  • “The welcoming restaurant EPTASTADIO will certainly win your heart. Divided into various dining, drinking and relaxing sections, EPTASTADIO offers pasta & rissoti, pizzas, light snacks, fine house made cookings and exceptional sweets to remember. If it is not the time for you to eat, select the deck for a drink or a coffee. Our story before EPTASTADIO: 20 years in restaurants and quality bars, led to this new project at a fantastic setting; a unique spot with the stunning view to the Eptastadio that inspired us. Eptastadio, as the ancient Greeks named it, is the Strait of Mycale, between Samos and Turkey. Its width (1300 meters) corresponds to seven stages (an ancient unit of measurement).”

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