Time in Samos, Greece:
The mySamos 45 Beaches
All the beaches of the island – choose the ones you like!


Listing all the beaches of Samos as they are presented in mySamos printed island guide and mySamos map in an anti-clock wise direction will help you make your plans easier.

Starting from the epicentre of nature’s impressive beaches of Kokkari area, we start a tour around our island and give you a complete list with all you need to know about Samos’ beaches. Some may be too crowded, others isolated, others easy to find and others might put you on a discovery walk, some have warm water while many have cool temperatures… the differences and the variations are so many to talk about.

Start exploring and don’t worry if you don’t see them all. Next year and the years after will be enough to choose your favorite ones.

The free e-book island guide of Samos has listed the 45 beaches.

The list with all the beaches of Samos

The 45 beaches of the Samos

The numbers are presented as you can find them at the free printed editions of  mySamos island guide and mySamos island map!


From Kokkari to Seitani

Starting from Kokkari, you will find the most amazing beaches nature gifted Samos with. On your way to Karlovasi there are a few more beaches  to enjoy when there are no northern winds. Karlovasi has a treasure, Potami, and after that, only on foot, there are the exotic beaches of Small Seitani and Big Seitani.

From the South West to Samiopoula

The mostly calm southern beaches are ideal for everyone. Hard to choose among Psili Ammos, Votsalakia in Kampos, Balos or the small beach in Samiopoula islet, reached only by a boat.



The small islet at the southern part of Samos is called Samiopoula and it has an exotic sandy beach

From Ireon to Mycale

Numerous choices here, starting from the isolated Tsopela beach, moving to Ireon’s attraction Pappa Beach, the long shore from Potokaki to Pythagorio that attract thousands of visitors from April to October, offering everything you might need from beach volley to water sports… and continuing to another long coast in Mycale.

The beaches from the East coasts to Samos town

Real treasures, the beloved Psili Ammos, Poseidonio, Kerveli and Livadaki among others are a must see and must swim beaches. Very different, so beautiful and so ideal for your vacation. And last but not least, the two beaches near Samos town, Kedros and Gagou.

Are there any more beaches? Yes!

You have chosen to visit one of the biggest Greek islands and the 17th biggest in the Mediterranean Sea! Of course there are many more beaches to discover on the island of Samos. The 45 are considered by mySamos guide the easy to reach and most popular to visit during a 5-10 day stay. Yet, there are numerous other beaches, in most cases smaller or of lower interest for the majority (otherwise we would have included them at the “45” list).

So, as we are not keeping secrets from our visitors, the following are also available to find.

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